CEO Thoughts

As the CEO of a midsize company in NJ, I have become increasingly concerned in keeping up with the management of my company. I have a small executive staff and we are wearing more hats than we can manage. It is a full time job just keeping up with all of the regulations and tax laws. I am not going to take a side here on the upcoming election but I think it is high time our state and government officials get down to making some decisions.

I have always prided myself as a planner. While we have a strategic plan for the company, there are too many factors we cannot control. What kind of tax structure is coming down the road? How do we find out what new regulations we have to deal with? And the universal question with everything like this is knowing whether this is a set policy or if it is all going to change next year!

Anyone in the business world needs to tell their government friends and contacts that this has to stop. In order to promote a strong economy where we grow and can hire people, the business world needs to know what we are facing. Business built thsi country. We are not the enemy. But it is impossible for a company that brings in millions of dollars in revenue to plan by guesswork!

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