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We interview midmarket CEOs, executives, experts, thought leaders, vendors and capital providers to benefit the middle market.   Please scroll down to see the list of recent guest and listen to the podcasts.


We seek CEOs of midsize companies (annual revenues of $10M-$1B) as guests (from the comfort of your office) on our weekly radio show and podcast who are willing to discuss the needs, opportunities or challenges of midsize companies.  We also - selectively - welcome thought leaders from the vendor, capital and influencer communities who have a particular point of view that will be insightful and useful to midsize companies.  If you recommend a guest, please email the person's name, contact and topic to info (at) midmarket.org.  You can find a list of upcoming topics on MIDMARKET RADIO CEOs by clicking here. You can download the media kit on MIDMARKET RADIO at www.midmarket.org/midmarketradio/mediakit. If you would like to sponsor the Midmarket Radio CEO Series, please visit www.midmarket.org/midmarketradio/sponsorship and download the sponsorship package.

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Rob Slee

CEO, Robertson & Foley

Thursday, Apr 21


Midmarket Radio

CEO.1 - The Mind of the Midmarket Business Owner

Interview with Rob Slee, Midmarket Expert

Most midsize companies are privately owned.  What is the kind of person that owns a midsize company?  What drives him/her  to build a company, often, over decades?  

Rob Slee is one of the foremost experts on the middle market.  He has bought and sold...

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Craig Dubitsky

CEO, Hello Products

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CEO.11 - Finding Niches in Mature Markets, Craig Dubitsky Hello Products

"The Apple of Personal Care"

How many companies do you know that start out wanting to make ‘people-friendly products’ in a mature segment like toothpaste and mouthwash? How does a company enter, carve out a niche and create such a buzz (without a marketing agency) that it is now in major stores including WalMart, Target and Walgreens?

We are going to be speaking with Craig Dubitsky, who founded Hello. He was a founding member of METHOD products (liquid soap, etc.), the spherical lip balm maker EOS Products Craig was named by AdAge as one of the ...
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Robbie Baxter

Author of the 'Membership Economy'

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CEO.10 - Creating ‘Forever Customers’ and Predictable Revenues

The marketplace is changing, business models are changing and everybody is looking for predictable revenues.  Can you really have such a thing as a ‘forever customer’?  Well, there is a way, and many companies are embracing this model.  Could your business model (where in the value chain you monetize your customers, and how much) be morphed into one where you have predictable revenues and 'forever customers’?  Is this the new way of doing business that you must embrace? Listen to Robbie Baxter, author of the MEMBERSHIP ECONOMY and learn how...

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Joseph DeSimone

Co-founder & CEO

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CEO.9 - Re-imagining manufacturing – The New Face of American Manufacturing - DeSimone, Carbon3D

Listen to Joe & Phil DeSimone discuss how they took Joe’s passion for science, and experience in building companies to identify a market opportunity.  Learn how one talk by a leading competitor convinced them that the market opportunity was HUGE.  Hear about how they set goals that immediately differentiated them from the rest of the industry.  Their machines enable manufacturing of small lot sizes in various locations, making manufacturing location less relevant to the supply chain.  Explore if having academics on your team could better help you manage...

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Ben Kirshner


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CEO.8 - Attracting & Retaining Talent in a Services Company - Ben Kirshner, CEO, EliteSEM

Conversation with Ben Kirshner, CEO EliteSEM

Attracting, retaining and motivating employees in a services business is essential for success.  If the employees are millennials, it is all the more difficult.  Learn how the best place to work at, according to Entrepreneur Magazine, has spectacularly low churn and high satisfaction.  Learn how they avoid using recruiters, and instead use their culture to attract potential employees; and use clear values and a unique interviewing process to hire the right people.  

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