Jason DiMaio



As an IT business leader, do you understand your business and have the business acumen (an understanding of how  company makes money, and what actions could improve the effectiveness of a business function to positively effect revenues or profitability)?  Gone are the days when the CIO was THE technology person in the company and technological competence was paramount AND SUFFICIENT to ensure CIO success.  Things have changed, and changing rapidly. The CIO is one of many technology people in the company, functional leaders and even individual employees fancy themselves as technically savvy and self-provision whatever they need.  The CIO’s ‘seat at the CEO’s table’ is no longer guaranteed.  The CIO needs to have a business impact to be taken seriously by the business leaders and to understand what business problems technology can solve and how to do it.  Do technology leaders in the midmarket have the business acumen that those in large companies are said to have?

Why Is This Relevant To The Midmarket: 

Business acumen is said to be in short supply within many functional areas of midsize companies.  In order to increase effectiveness in functional jobs, leaders such as CIOs must improve the business acumen and justify a seat at the executive table because of their positive business impact.

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