SOL.1 - Make Smarter Business Decisions with Data Analytics


Eddie Hughes

Director of Analytics & Insights

SOL.1 - Make Smarter Business Decisions with Data Analytics

For midsize companies

You don’t need to be BIG or even structured data in order to leverage analysis packages that can glean useful insights that can help you understand your business better, augment  your ‘gut’ or simply make better decisions.  Eddie Hughes, Director of Data Analytics for the SAS Institute talks about the relevance of analytics packages in companies of varying sizes, particularly midsize companies.  He discusses how midsize companies can dip their toe in the water with self-serve analytics and use larger and more sophisticated analysis packages as their needs evolve.  He discusses structured and unstructured data, the use of self-serve analytics and how analytics packages can be used even when using MSExcel.  He describes the example of Twiddy, a property management company, that used analytics to get insights into the thousand plus contractors and optimized their performance while reducing costs.  Eddie also discusses the talent requirements for implementing a data analytics program at midsize companies.  If you, as a CEO, CIO, CXO or business leader, are pondering whether analytics packages make sense for your company, you will benefit from listening to this podcast. 

You can download a free whitepaper on SELF-SERVE ANALYTICS at www.sas.com/midmarketradio

Podcast Highlights:



Is big data only for BIG companies?

00:07:54 You can make quality, fact-based decisions by analysing your data 


Does your company need to be a certain size in order to even consider data analytics?
00:13:10 Is data analysis an expensive proposition for a midsize company?
00:25:14 Can data analytics augment your experience and help you to make better decisions, and can it help you become a better decision-maker?
00:27:07 What are some best practices in recruiting analytical talent into midsize companies?


Why Is This Relevant To The Midmarket: 

Leaders of midsize companies want discussions about the important, common and recurring needs and challenges of the midmarket.  Vendors understand many of these issues well, and some have compelling solutions for them.   Eddie Hughes has expereince working with midmarket companies across industries and across the world.

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