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The US economy is, by far, the largest economy in the world.  But, 95% of the world lives outside the US and the FASTEST GROWING markets are outside the US.  Midmarket companies have been regionally or nationally focused but there are huge opportunities in exporting.  Made in the USA still has worldwide cache.  With slow growth in the US, the best path to revenue growth for many midmarket companies may be in exporting. 

If you are new to this, exporting seems complicated and risky and you are wondering how to get started.   Or, you may already be exporting and want to expand and do it better.  Where do you find help for help?

We understand that the prospect of delving into the international arena may appear daunting, so we have devised several support categories to help with the global process.  Whether you are a veteran of international trade or exploring the possibilities of entering it for the first time, we can help.


  • We are going international and want to find and manage banking relationships across borders.
  • We are trying to decided if we want to pursue global markets.
  • We have to develop a global mindset and corporate culture.
  • We have to identify and manage market intelligent sources.
  • We have to identify channels and partners for selling in foreign markets.